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Alaina Engineering Manufacturing CCTV Poles and other products from last 12 Years.

Our CCTV poles designs are custom made, attractive and fully complied with MOISSD, QCS2014 and ASGHAL Specifications. Our engineers are carefully consider the customers requirements and make the design suitable to the site conditions. Third party testing for welding, painting and wind-load calculations can be provided on request.


Alaina manufactures products with steel grades that are standardized and proven to be safe for environment and their recommended use.

To develop the safest product we regularly take helps from third party and conduct test on our products. Therefore our products are well design and safe to use at any place any time.

Our designing and manufacturing team carefully measures all the safety parameter and use computer aided software to calculate all these parameters for everyone safety.

Cost Effective

Our experienced engineering team carefully analysis on a specific design, but there are multiple alternatives that meet the same form, fit, and functional requirements without compromising the quality of the products. Alaina helps to design the cost effective solution fits to all project types.

While Mild Steel, aluminum are more commonly used for pole applications, stainless steel’s superior performance in all of these design categories makes it the most cost effective long-life choice.


  • Our flexible modular design used efficiently despite changes in operational requirements.
  • To specify the various physical and mechanical properties of the finished product, various tests, both destructive and nondestructive, are performed. nondestructively test castings and welded joints for shrinkage voids and porosity.
  • Zinc coating, or galvanizing, is commonly applied to sheet and structural steel used for outdoor applications to protect against corrosion.
  • Stable and impact-resistant paint or powder coating with a choice of various colors for aesthetic looks.